The Weekend Kitchen

Some hits, some misses… my kitchen, over the weekends

The Cook

Been an on and off blogger at for sometime. The thought of a food blog has always been at the back of my mind, but the multitude of truly awesome and exotic blogs always pulled me back.

Decided to take the plunge finally, awesome and exotic be damned!!

So friends, here is an attempt at chronicling my hits and misses in the kitchen…

Hope you enjoy it!

Read on…better still, come home….you can be my next guinea pig 😉


3 thoughts on “The Cook

  1. Wah Bindu wah…. All the best. Wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig, especially in food context

  2. Hi Bindu. Hope this msg finds you well. Since you’ve ventured into food blogging, I wanted to invite you to Delhi’s first FOODATHON that is happening this Saturday. FOODATHON is a one of a kind platform that brings online food influencers together, to network, celebrate the love for food, have informative discussions with some experts and interact with F&B brands too.

    Request if you could please share your contact details so i could share the invite with you. Rgds. Karan.

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