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Some hits, some misses… my kitchen, over the weekends

Leftovers are good :)


I’ve always been a lazy mother, letting my kids be, finding their own way and telling myself that I’m teaching them to be independent. Never in my dreams could I have thought I was a horrible one as well. Well, what else do you call a mother who has neglected her child for almost two years?

Let me tell you my child, you’ve never been far from my mind. In fact, you should see the stuff that I’ve been making for you all this time. Cakes and breads and what not! And did I tell you, people are willing to pay money to get this stuff? So, let me shower some attention on you, my dear blog.

Life has changed over the past two years. But this mother hasn’t much. I still find it difficult to stick to norms and exact measurements. There is an itch if something extra is not added even to a cake mixture. And that habit of making even the last grain count still persists. Left overs continue to excite me. Especially when it is meat. The possibilities are endless, you know. Add some mashed potato here, a few spoons of steak sauce there, you have a different dish each day. No surprise then, this dish followed the time tested path of The Weekend Kitchen. You never know what would go in and what would come out.

Meat loaf is a staple in the kitchen now. The sneaky one in me stuffs it with all the vegetables that can be found in the fridge. A revenge on the kids who are more precise than the most advanced microscope and pick out the tiniest pieces of vegetables from anything that is served to them. Even they cannot find the veggies that get baked inside the beef and camouflaged by the steak, barbecue or any other sauce that my hand touches in the kitchen cupboard.

As usual, the loaf was made. Then happened this longing for some home made stuffed buns. It was ages since I’d baked bread. That was saying I’ve been pretty stable for ages. It’s normally when I feel like punching someone repeatedly that my home smells of freshly baked bread. So some potatoes and a carrot was boiled, peeled, mashed and added to the now crumbled loaf. The buns were made, the meat was still not over. And off it went in the freezer.

My laziness reaches its peak when my woman Friday goes home. Making one curry itself is such a chore, so imagine preparing rice, two to three curries and then something to pour into the rice. My creativity suddenly blooms, a bulb lights itself in the brain. That frozen meat loaf!

So some biryani rice is soaked, drained and cooked. The baking dish is out and buttered. Two onions get chopped and almost burnt in a tsp of butter. And this is the only added fat in the whole process. The cooked rice is spread in the dish and the blackened onion over it.



Kids keep asking, “Amma, can’t you make something that doesn’t have vegetables?” And the horrible mother that I am have to say, “No”, with a twinkle in my eyes. So grated carrots are added.




Then some yellow and green pieces of capsicum and spring onions..



It’s the turn of the crumbled mince meat now



A few few drops of steak sauce and some grated mozzarella cheese, it’s ready for the oven.



15 – 20 minutes at 200C and lunch is ready



Now what what if something is left over from this? I’ll cross the bridge when it comes to me.


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