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Sausage Bites (or whatever you name it ;) )


You are back home after a long drive, everyone including you is ravenous and all the snack boxes are empty – creativity is made from moments like these. You raid all the boxes, scrutinize the compartments in your refrigerator and get a pack of forgotten sausages and some leftover green and yellow capsicum. Sauces were invented for situations like this, so here goes….a quick recipe , can be used as a delicious starter too.


1. Sausages – 1″ long, about a cup
2. Onion – 1/2 a medium sized one, cut into squares
Capsicum – red and yellow, cut into sqaures – about a cup
3. 1 green chilli – deseeded and cut into thin strips
2 flakes of garlic – cut into small pieces
4. Worcestershire Sauce – 1 tbsp
Tabasco Sauce ( i used the pepper one) – 1 tbsp

5. Salt and Oil – as required

Non – stick pan is the best, since you need minimum oil. Heat a little oil, throw in 3. Fry till that lovely aroma comes and the garlic turns slight brown. Now put in 2, increase the flame to high and stir for 3-4 minutes till the onions start getting a glazed look. Remove this from pan.

Reduce the flame, add the sausages to the pan, don’t add more oil. Stir in between till it turns brow. Add the friend ingredients, the sauces and salt. Taste and add moe salt if required.

Serve hot.


Author: wanderlustathome

Dabbling in numbers for a living while dreaming of words all the while.

2 thoughts on “Sausage Bites (or whatever you name it ;) )

  1. I always do this during weekends, when everyone is trying to crowd in front of the TV πŸ˜€

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